Story of Ava


I am starting the year with an immersion experience in Venice, Florida at Fox Lea Farm riding with Judy Farnsworth.  This time has already yielded amazing results for me with Ava.  Ava is always tense and it’s hard to focus her.  I’m developing some tools and timing to get at Ava’s brain and I agree with the judge from last year–there is a lot more good stuff in Ava.  Please see my blog for daily updates.


Slow year, we showed 3rd level and the judge said to stick with this mare as there is much more good stuff in her.  Hooray 🙂


Ava is suffering from the sporadic riding this winter.  She seems to lose flexiblity and strength more quickly than Donzer.  Her wind is strong and this must be her Thoroughbred breeding.  I have been doing lots of half-pass, renver, travers and leg yields to build her suppleness and this seems to help her overall thruness.  Ava’s work ethic is good this spring and I look forward to tracking our progress this summer. My goal is to show her by August at third level.


Ava has really agreed to work and so I am using this year to create a training program that other adult amateurs can follow.  Ava needs a combination of strength training, suppleness and submission (sound familiar?).  I am going to record what I do with her and what seems to be the order of things.

This spring I have gotten a handful of clean changes that I asked for Ava to do. My travel is intense until July.  I’m spending a month in Hawaii in May and then almost a month in Ireland in June.  I have about 10 days between each trip to work Ava and my goal is to keep her mentally on the job.  It is amazing how quickly she’s developing muscle and work ethic.  My goal is to show her by August at second level.


I am now going to share my journey with my new mare, Ava.  Ava does not have an education beyond walk, trot and canter.  My goal is to have her complete a First Level test and maintain her focus on me.  Let’s see how it goes!

Last year when I got Ava I was hoping to just fly through training level.  Ava is a hotter mare and it really took most of the year to get her to focus on me and understand that she now has a job we do every day.  As a very athletic mare Ava can move from training level to 3rd level work in one lesson. The key with her is going to be getting her focus in new show environment and be able to carry a great warm-up into the show ring.

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