Dressage Horse Training: Watching Good Riding

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I had to opportunity to watch Uwe Steiner give Judy Farnsworth a lesson this morning.  It is a very large arena and I cannot hear much of the guidance so I spend my time watching how the horse warms up and the shifts in the connection of the inside stifle, through the neck just in front of the withers to the poll.  Judy and Casey moved through a long and low warm-up with a lot of length and then on the circle the magic happens.  This is the part I want to learn.  This bit on the 20 meter circle where the balance and self-carriage and agreement to work happens.  I can see the changes in the horse but my eye is not educated enough to identify exactly what is making this happen–an inside sits bone to outside rein? How much?  A half-halt rebalancing to the outside hind?  How much?  This is the magic of the ride.  They went on after this 20 meter circle to work on movements but it was the moments in between to refresh the gait, the balance and connection that I am interested to learn.  The value of watching, even when I cannot hear the words, is the picture being placed in my head.  Because, when I have my lesson, there is a correct mental image I can refer to in my ride.  I cannot tell you why this helps but Donzer seems to find what I’m asking for more quickly if I am clear in my mind what I’m asking Donzer to do.

Good Riding,

Tara, Author, Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding

Out of the Saddle

Out of the Saddle

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