A Dressage Horse must be your Partner to Progress

Hello everyone

This is a quick update on current progress with Donzer.  After our last show Donzer continued to resist turning left like he did in the show for the left pirouette. I had him checked out by my chiropractor and he said Donzer was in great shape. He did adjust Donzers right hip but said it was very minor but could make him sticky to the left.

On my next ride Donzer was fine during the warmup. I next used walk trot transitions to find and confirm the thoroughness in his back. If you read my prior post you’ll remember I found the feel of Donzers back in my warmup for my second test. Transitions that are balanced on the hind end and do not fall on the forehand is the best recommendation I have so far to confirm if your horse is working om the hi send if you are by yourself.

Donzer was ok at walk but when I added canter he did not want to stay on the bit going to the left.  He skittered sideways and tried to go upside down. When I first got Donzer Janet Foy explained that with the short neck in his conformation, Donzer would not have a range between correct or not. I am starting to feel how Donzer has to come just an inch above the bit and is able to engage the underside of his neck against me.  I have a habit of letting my reins get a little long and this lets Donzer drop his back on me.

i think I’ve developed the next level of feel in my riding and Donzer is not thrilled to work harder. I was able to get some nice walk canter transitions after a few minutes of patience and consistency. Instead of working on movements in prep for our last show in September I will spending time getting Donzers agreement to bring more effort to our practice. Dressage horses really do have to be your partner and be engaged in the work.

Good Riding


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