Dressage horse training for Backyard owners

Hello everyone,

I am back in Hawaii for some more AF reserve time and find myself outlining my next book.  Writing is a big way for me to learn and I want to capture my learning process in dressage to this point.  Donzer has been in training with Sarah Martin this spring and I hope to make the jump to FEI this summer.  It is important to me to make sure I have a good accounting of what I’ve been through to this point.  I am sure I can save people a lot of time in their learning process by documenting the nuances of training I learned the hard way.

I have outlined to discuss adult learning, current athletic training, developing self-awareness in mind and body.  I think it is also so important to address the real differences between a training program designed around a barn full of school masters and the backyard model so many of us really learn from spending a lot of time on our own.  I don’t think there are right and wrong ways so much as real differences to account for in the process.

If anyone has a great “aha”  moment or better way to have learned something please share it!

Good riding,

Tara 🙂

Out of the Saddle

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